Our Teachers


We have a great teaching team at The Preschool. Our teachers are diverse and multi-talented. They bring a wealth of experience, dedication, education, and love to the world of early childhood education.


Here is our Recipe for a Great Teaching Team:

1. Take 5 Experienced Teachers (a uniquely diverse staff ages 22- 58 +)

2. Throw in a rich assortment of Early Childhood Education classes. (At last count, we had approximately 150 ECE units between us!)¬†Education is good, but our teachers are also “experts through experience!”

3. Add equal parts Love, Creativity, and Special Interests, such as: Spanish, Gardening, Multicultural Songs, Books, Art, Dance, Cooking, and much more!

4. Stir in Teacher’s Meetings, Staff Development Days, Planning Time & Communication

5. Gently add 15 preschoolers

6. Mix with laughter, “learning through play,” creative expression, song, hard work, and hugs

7. Allow all children and teachers to learn, grow, and play–each in their own unique way–while sharing their experiences and building a community together

8. Evaluate the recipe from time to time, and adjust as necessary.

There you have it.