Parents’ Comments

 “An outstanding school which I recommend highly to all who are in need of a preschool. My son has been extraordinarily happy here.”

“It’s a terrific program with warm caring providers. Both my children attended.”

 “The Preschool is a sweet, caring, nurturing and thoughtful environment.  The teachers are wonderful and genuine and they are very hands on with the kids.  Lynn is a wealth of information and you can turn to her for helpful and insightful advice and resources.  We love The Preschool!”

 “I couldn’t dream of a better place. The teachers are great not only with the kids, but in helping my husband & I with child development issues.”

 “This is an excellent, nurturing, caring, creative preschool program–the best of any that I have seen or know about.”

 “She loves school, her teachers & friends. In the 3 years, she WANTS to go every day. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, the teachers were available with helpful advice. They always tuned into my child so well that I ALWAYS felt and trusted that she was in the BEST situation possible for her growth- both emotionally and intellectually.”

“An exceptionally nurturing program. I especially like the small ratios and individual attention to children’s behavior. The program definitely prepares a child for Kindergarten. Over the past 3 years, I have found the director’s enthusiasm unequaled. Moreover, my children LOVE school!”

 “We love The Preschool because of the teachers & Lynn. They are consistently kind and respectful.”

 “Couldn’t be better!”

“Excellent program in general. Staff very accessible and organized. Good variety of activities and challenges. My child is very enthusiastic, which for me, says it all!”

 “This program has served both my children for the past four years. And I feel they are both academically and emotionally prepared for the Kindergarten level. They love The Preschool!”

 “Excellent child/teacher ratio!”

“This is a very well thought out program. The children get a well-rounded mix of experiences and multi-cultural activities.”

 “In the 8 years I have known the director, I have found her to maintain consistently high standards, with the child’s needs always foremost. She brings a unique blend of caring and creativity to the challenging work and world of preschool children.”

 “I think it is wonderful that the children are always LEARNING, sometimes consciously, often unconsciously. Every day they seem to bring home a NEW thought, idea, story, song…it’s a real growing and learning experience & at the same time they have a lot of FUN!!”

 “I visited numerous preschools and have friends with children in various programs- The Preschool stands above all of them. The children are really kind to each other and treated with respect. They learn without it being forced on them.”

“…the staff, the environment, the curriculum–you have an extraordinary program.”

 “My child’s teacher has helped me most by being an amazing role model of the best teacher: creative, warm, articulate, and organized!”

“The sense of discovery. It is definitely a child-centered school. I really love it.”

 “I have been very pleased with the program. My child transitioned with ease due to the special attention she received. She returns home happy, telling me about the day. The children seem very happy & often want to stay beyond regular hours.”

 “Lynn Hazen and her staff are extremely caring and insightful. This program is stimulating and challenging for my daughter, yet they make her feel safe and comfortable…there is a perfect combination of structural and free time. Again, with as much guidance or independence as my daughter requires at any particular time.”